2024's Top 15 CC Guns in FL & TX: Ultimate Safety & Style Guide

2024's Top 15 CC Guns in FL & TX: Ultimate Safety & Style Guide - LPV HOLSTERS

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 15 Concealed Carry Guns in Florida and Texas for 2024

By Julian from LPV HOLSTERS| March 20, 2024

In the ever evolving world of concealed carry (CC) firearms, staying up to date about the best options on the market is key to ensuring your safety and confidence. As 2024 evolves, the landscapes of Florida and Texas (unlike other states) continue to stand out as leading hubs for gun enthusiasts and CC permit holders. Here we are diving into the top 15 concealed carry guns that are making waves in these states. Let's get straight into it:

  1. Sig Sauer P365 & P365XL: Revolutionizing the compact firearm category, these models offer an incredible balance of quality and concealability, making it a top pick for everyday carry.

  2. Glock 19 Gen 5: A timeless choice, the G19 brings reliability and versatility to your fingertips, perfectly suited for both beginners and seasoned carriers.

  3. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus: With its slim profile and enhanced capacity, this model is a game-changer for those seeking both comfort and performance. (the new S&W Equalizer is a very good gun too!)

  4. Springfield Hellcat: Boasting a high-capacity magazine within a remarkably compact frame, the Hellcat is designed for maximum concealability without compromising on firepower.

  5. Ruger LCP II: Ideal for ultra-concealed carry, the LCP II is lightweight, reliable, and easy to hide, making it a perfect pocket pistol.

  6. Taurus G3C: Offering exceptional value, the G3C combines affordability with performance, featuring a comfortable grip and a smooth trigger pull.

  7. Colt Cobra: For revolver enthusiasts, the Colt Cobra provides a modern twist on a classic design, offering precision and ease of use in a snub-nose frame.

  8. Beretta 92X Compact: Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern enhancements, the 92X Compact is a testament to Beretta's commitment to quality and innovation.

  9. Kimber Micro 9: With its sleek design and powerful 9mm caliber, the Micro 9 is perfect for those who demand style without sacrificing performance.

  10. CZ P-10 C: A remarkable blend of ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy, the CZ P-10 C is rapidly becoming a favorite among concealed carriers.

  11. Walther PPS M2: Renowned for its ergonomic design and smooth shooting experience, the PPS M2 is a top choice for discerning carriers seeking quality and comfort.

  12. FN 509 Compact: The FN 509 Compact delivers exceptional control and accuracy in a size that's ideal for concealed carry, backed by FN's legendary reliability.

  13. Glock 43X: Offering a slim profile with a comfortable grip, the Glock 43X is a solid choice for those looking for Glock reliability in a more concealable package.

  14. Springfield XD-S Mod.2: This model stands out for its safety features and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for all-day carry.

  15. Kahr CW380: For those prioritizing minimalism without compromise, the CW380 provides potent firepower in a discreet and lightweight package.

Quick Tips for Carrying in Florida and Texas:

  • Know the Law: Both states have specific regulations regarding concealed carry. Familiarize yourself with local laws to ensure compliance and avoid complications.
  • Training: Regardless of your firearm choice, regular training is crucial for maintaining safety and proficiency.
  • Holster Selection: A good holster is just as important as the firearm it carries. Opt for a comfortable, secure, and easily accessible holster for your carry style.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right concealed carry gun is a personal decision that requires considering factors like comfort, capacity, reliability, and how the gun fits your lifestyle. Whether you're in the heat of Texas or the sun of Florida, these top picks for 2024 offer something for everyone, from the newbie to the experienced carrier. Stay safe, stay informed, and happy carrying!

Top Banner Image Source:
Brewbound, June 2020

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