Est. 2017

"Supplying everyday Americans with comfortable holsters since 2017"

Our Mission

About Our Mission:
At LPV, we aim to support normal, everyday Americans, law-enforcement, active-duty military in their quest to be armed and stay safe in a dangerous world.

Our holsters for men & women help Americans carry comfortably all day, every day. No more uncomfortable Kydex holsters, and no more switching (and paying) for multiple holsters for all of your firearms.

About the Owner:

After so many years of carrying with uncomfortable holsters I got fed up and in 2017 I decided to develop my own (everyday) holsters. So I went on a mission to combine ergonomic design, magnetic retention and ultra-sticky hook & loop, for the upmost comfort and unmatched everyday carry experiences.

"Holsters you can trust, comfort you can feel." - Julian

Designed in Germany


There's many holsters out there, but what makes LPV stand out? Find out

What makes our products unique?

Our commitment to quality and comfort.

We unite magnetic retention, (premium) ultra-comfortable neoprene & extra strong hook & loop closure.

What problem are we solving?

Comfort: Kydex holsters are uncomfortable and force alot of people not to carry. Our holsters are made from comfy, breathable neoprene.

Universal fit: One of our holsters replaces multiple options, no more switching, saving you time and hassle!

Where are we located?

Southern Germany - where world-renowned military equipment & delicious beer are both part of our heritage :-)
Our products are stored in the U.S.